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Chef Rob McCue transforms classics into modern dishes with part molecular gastronomy and part kitchen alchemy, with signature dishes such as glass crackled pork knuckles, foie gras bratwurst, raw oysters finished with Pernod parsley crust, and braised miso monkfish to this part of the Upper West Side. 

Chef Rob McCue

With an illustrious career spanning 25 years, celebrity-chef Rob McCue has mastered the art of elevating American Comfort food. Dedicated to using only the finest ingredients sourced through close relationships with local artisans, Chef McCue reaches new depths of flavor so that patrons can always expect the unexpected.

Elevated American Cuisine

The Fat Monk’s Unapologetic Indulgence

At this cozy newcomer on the northern tip of the Upper West Side, the love of confit is rapturously embraced as creed. 

Chances are that, at the end of a meal at the Fat Monk, patrons will likely come to resemble their entrées—stuffed with countless ingredients, fat-slicked, bulging a little too conspicuously in the middle—and become confit-adoring converts, at least for the night.

. –The New Yorker (June 19, 2017)

On the menu, look for winter crudite, as well as Scotch eggs with wild boar among starters. For mains, find classics like fish and chips, burgers, and lamb shepherd’s pie, bone in — protruding from the pie. The depth of flavors layered by cooking it this way is amazing. For super-meat eaters, there’s pork knuckle, or as Chef Rob McCue tenderly calls it, the “Schweinshaxe,” that comes with spätzle and accouterments of the cabbage variety. –Eater NY

Oyster Escargot

Beef Wellington

Proper Scotch Egg

The Monk Burger

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