5 Paragraph Essay Outline to Boost Your Writing Skills

How to Use A Five Paragraph Essay Outline

The five paragraph essay outline consists of:

  1. One paragraph describing the topic.
  2. Two paragraphs describing the process of data collection.
  3. Two paragraphs describing the method use in data collection.
  4. One paragraph highlighting the findings.
  5. One paragraph discussing the findings and recommendations.

This essay outline is helpful when you have to write a five paragraph essay. You don’t have to add a new topic every time since this article focuses only on five paragraphs. If you want to write an essay paper with the five paragraph outline, you only need to focus on the topic explained earlier in this article. You’ll know you have written a quality essay report if it has the recommended structure.

The Guidelines on How to Write a Quality Essay Paper

Essay papers follow a specific writing guideline. Many students lose marks due to failing to adhere to this single rule. Every document that students write must have an introduction, body, and conclusion. Other sections are optional, and you can include more information in each area. But, all documents must include a good thesis statement, main body, and conclusion. Failure to include any of these sections will result in plagiarism.

If you can’t write a five paragraph essay report that has a good thesis statement, then you need to change the sections.

If you decide to include more information in the body section, then you must start with a topic sentence. The sentence should tell readers what the main idea in the essay is. Besides, they should understand what point you are trying to drive home by the report. You can further use a topic sentence to answer the questions in the introduction section.

The body section will consist of different paragraphs depending on the points you want to drive home. You can further break down the paragraphs into two main groups, including a topic sentence and supporting sentences. The topic sentence provides the main idea for the paragraph, and the supporting sentences provide more information to back the main idea. When you want to make a new topic sentence for the discussion section, you must use a topic sentence groups. The first topic sentence in a discussion section should introduce the new topic. The second sentence in the discussion section should provide evidence on the purpose of the paragraph.

To write a quality essay paper, you should use transitions when moving from one section to another. Essay papers don’t have fixed points, but they do have regions where information is passed. Transitions help to show the progression of ideas in a paragraph.

Transitions are also common when writing essays. Students should use them appropriately to avoid making the text too flat. Transition words should also be placed in the relevant sections so that they can transition appropriately. Remember, a transitional word should not appear in a sentence that doesn’t belong there.