Excellent Argumentative Essay Outline to Use

Learn How to Create an Excellent Outline for Your Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay is a paper that a student is required to write where they are required to deliberate on the sides of an issue and provide evidence to support their arguments. Essay writing is all about how much you know about a specific subject matter and how credible your argument is. The details about an argumentative essay will include the topic, thesis statement, introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

It is essential to note that apart from using other sources as references in your essay, the reference or source of your information must be listed on the reference page. It is also important to remember that academic essays are graded according to the standards of the respective institution, which may not be the same as your college/ university standard. Therefore, while in college, learn how to write for an argumentative essay as it is timed, and while out of school, ensure that you do comprehensive research on both sides of an argument.

What Makes an Argumentative Essay Outline

The complexity of an argumentative essay lies in the fact that the student has to find at least four reasonable arguments to support their thesis statement. While creating the outline, consider choosing topics that are widely discussed in your area of study or that you have strong opinions about. To make the outline more comfortable to write, include details that you think makes your topic convincing.

  1. Does the topic address the issue? Does it provide sufficient information for a good debate?
  2. Has enough research been done on the topic?
  3. Does the topic conform to current standards of thinking?

H2: What Essay Sections Should Have a Argumentative Outline

The essay outline should include the introduction paragraph, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. In the introduction paragraph, explain why you chose to work on the specific topic. State the thesis statement in one or two sentences. The paragraphs should start with a topic sentence, which indicates what the section will focus on. Each idea should be in its paragraph to create a strong argument. The body paragraphs should start with a topic sentence that clearly states what that idea is about. Do not forget to address counterarguments. For each point in your body paragraphs, provide evidence for the opposing idea. You can use statistics, quotes, and examples, but all evidence must be factual. The conclusion comes at the end of the essay and should sum up the ideas presented. You may also decide to refer to your thesis statement in this section to show how you have adhered by it to bring out the importance of the topic.