How to Create a 10-Paragraph Essay Outline

Break Down Your Essay Into Sections

The fundamental thing to remember when it comes to writing essays is always to ensure that the document begins in a paragraph. Even though the introduction might be the first part that a reader sees, it is essential to realize that the entire article should be broken down into sections. This is because the reason why your essay exists is to give the professor a reason to assess whether your understanding of a given topic is sufficient to tackle it on your own and also to justify your selecting that particular subject. Therefore, the fact that your introduction should be in the form of a paragraph indicates that it should have a corresponding body section as well as a conclusion.

Even though there are instances where you might be given a specific number of paragraphs to work with, it is fundamental to realize that no matter how many sections you are given, always ensure that they are written in the same paragraph. Let us take an essay as an example. Assume that you are given five paragraph essay outline to write. Whenever you are given such an assignment, you should start with the introduction of your first paragraph and then work your way down to the last one. As a smart student, you should realize that it is a good idea never to start a new paragraph on its own. Whenever you do that, then you automatically muffle your understanding of that particular topic and make it very difficult for you to defend your essay in the class. By the time the professor gets to read your essay, he will have a good grip on what you were discussing even if you did not comprehend a single word of it.

Therefore, always ensure that your introduction, followed by the body and then the conclusion, fits into five paragraphs. This ensures that all the explanations and discussions within that paragraph will be relevant and in-depth.

Always, always aim to base your argument on a single, central idea. Understand that whatever you put in your body sections should always be in support of that theme. However, whenever you are dealing with a large essay such as we are speaking of, it is good to remember that you can choose to discuss two or more ideas in one paragraph. However, always ensure that all your supportive material (both evidence and argument) falls into one paragraph.

It is also essential to realize that even though you will have various body paragraphs supporting your main idea, it is always good to ensure that those paragraphs are written in support of the thesis statement. This is because your thesis statement will always remain at the heart of your article, no matter how many body paragraphs you will have. Therefore, it will always be centred, which makes it even more essential that you always ensure that your introduction explicitly restates your thesis statement.