When Does A College Admission Essay Need to Be Free of Plagiarism?

When to Look for Plagiarism in Your Admission Essay

The great majority of students fail to develop an original admission essay due to one reason or another. Some are overwhelmed with work and do colleges check admission essays for plagiarism? Let’s find out more about when you should check your admission essay for plagiarism.

4 Guidelines to Help You Identify if Your Admission Essay Has Plagiarism

Whenever you submit any academic document, there are chances that it might have been written by somebody else. Academic essays are no different when it comes to plagiarism. The chances of having your paper copied are high whenever you submit your work for assessment. Some examples of documents that might contain plagiarism include;

  • Company documents
  • Company literature
  • Students’ academic documents
  • Manuscripts

What should you do when you detect that your admission essay has plagiarized part?

Contact the College

Do you want to send the wrong message to the admission committee by submitting a plagiarized admission essay? It is not advisable to do this as it might affect your chances of getting enrolled in the college. The first thing you should do after spotting plagiarized parts in your admission essay is to contact the college. Find out if they offer to check the documents for plagiarism. Your next step should be to send a request to them to include an anti-plagiarism tool in your admission essay. After that, you have to wait for the college to finish checking the documents for plagiarism before submitting yours.

Checking Background Information

You might be tempted to include information from the background to support your ideas in your admission essay. It is crucial to be keen when doing this as it might be considered cheating. The rule of thumb when adding background information in an academic document is that you should add none if the information appears in any other source apart from your personal experience. When checking the rules of plagiarism, you should rely on guidelines provided by your tutor.

Checking to see if You Given Due Credit Where You Used Information

Academic essays should be free from plagiarism because it constitutes stealing someone else’s work. When you use someone’s idea in your paper, you should give them due credit. Failure to this might make you guilty of plagiarism. You can check to see if you have given due credit to anybody when writing the background section of your admission essay.

Watch Out for Grammar and Spelling Mistakes

Your aim is to create a unique admission essay. The grammar you use is crucial towards achieving this. You should ensure that your essay has no spelling or grammatical mistakes. Whenever you edit the draft copy, you should remove all the mistakes. You can use an online spelling and grammar checker to assist you. Remember, you should never submit your essay without counterchecking it for any spelling or grammatical mistakes.

Plagiarism is a grave offense in the academic world. The admission committee will not hesitate to penalize students who are guilty of copying others’ work. You should take prompt legal steps to request the college to check the documents for plagiarism. Remember, you have to play by the rules. Failure to do so will have adverse consequences on your academic performance.